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There are multiple types of hubs which uses Aqara and Zigbee.

Aqara Zigbee Hubs and Their Differences

Aqara M2 Hub seems to be the best of both worlds which uses Zigbee, Wifi & includes an IR blaster.

Aqara M2 Hub

  • Uses WiFi 2.4 GHz or Wired Ethernet to connect to your network/HomeKit
  • Can support up to 128* child devices
  • Uses Zigbee 3.0 to connect to child devices
  • Includes an infrared transmitter to control IR-based devices (not exposed to HomeKit)
  • Uses a Micro-USB port in combination with any USB type power supply
  • Currently only available in China
  • Works with Apple Home and Aqara Home apps
  • Four alarm modes – Off, Away, Home, Night/Sleep (syncs with HomeKit)
  • Includes audio speaker (for alarm)

Aqara M2 Hub | Lazada Singapore - $94.40

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