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You may refer to my Github for open source projects: GitHub!

Most of my projects are in Python interacting with various REST APIs.

Notable Projects

Note: Projects might not be working anymore due to lack of updates

Reddit App Store Links

  • This bot used to run AndroidGaming subreddit’s PlayStore LinkMe_Bot which watches all comments with the text linkme and perform web scraping to provide link and short description of the app.
  • Updated to scrape for console games and iOS apps/games as well.

Monster Hunter World Database Telegram Bot

Monster Hunter World Discord Helper

  • Main part of this bot is it’s queue helper. Helps in schelduling parties and raids.
  • Mostly used by internal squad members

Monster Hunter World Telegram Helper

  • Same as above but in the form of Telegram bot.

Lenovo Warranty Helper

  • This bot takes in an excel file with serial numbers and scrapes Lenovo/Dell warranty site to return warranty expiry date.

Mastodo to IFTTT

  • This is a small Python script which watches a mastodon account for all posts (excluding boosted posts) and extract it’s contents.
  • Contents are then sent to IFTTT webhook for other follow up automations such as automating posts to Day One.