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My NS FIT Journey

So after few years of ORD life, it finally came true. I finally had no choice but to go to NS FIT (previously named RT).

For those blur cocks like me who did not do any research before going for NS FIT (other than booking the session from NS Portal), below are my findings after my first few sessions.

First session after reset of IPPT window is a briefing/introduction sort of. FT (fitness instructor) will bring everyone around the different facilities and introducing what the different color bands (more on that later) meant. It will be a chill session of static exercises.

Color Bands

There are multiple color bands which identify which areas of focus the session of NS Fit will be following. You can choose different bands for each session. Just need to sound off during in pro, first come first serve.

  • Brown → IPPT specific static training (Easiest)
  • Red → Running
  • Blue → Gym
  • Orange → Introduction (Only the first session per cycle)

Each session lasts for about 45mins to an hour. At any point during the 10 sessions, you can choose to book IPPT and if you manage to pass, the remaining NS Fit sessions are considered completed.

Another point to note is that for each session of NS Fit you’re awarded around S$20+ credited into your bank account. 10 sessions makes to around S$200+ which is not bad compared to pass with no incentive.

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