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Jekyll CMS finally

I had been using Netlify to host my Jekyll static blog for close to 1 year now. While it was nice to serve my content over Github with no hosting cost incurred, it was cumbersome to constantly doing git pushes and pulls just to update my blog.

Sometime that made me start searching for cheap hosting options of Wordpress is precisely to solve above mentioned issues.

The Search Began

My requirements are as below:

  • Easy to publish post with a CMS such as Wordpress
  • Easy to customize layout of the site
  • Cheap hosting (preferably free) as I am not a frequent poster

A cursory search on Wordpress hosting was disappointing as most of the options require rough $8 to $10 per month. It is just not something that I am willing to fork out for a blog which do not generate income or traffic.

The Bulb Light Up

While searching for plugins for Jekyll I came across several CMS focused plugins. This struck a lightbulb in my head as I previously did not expect Jekyll to be able to have CMS integrated. Further research brought me to Netlify CMS. This sounds like a perfect choice for me since I am already hosting my blog with them. Their free option is pretty generous for a personal site.

I did consider other options such as Forestry.io and Tina.io. Forestry looks interesting but several forum posts indicates that most of development efforts are focused on Tina, which is too complicated for what I want.

My Answer

Integrating Netlify CMS was pretty straightforward.

Take note to read through the documentation and ensure the configurations are added to the correct config.yml

The CMS is also customizable on the fields for each CMS to be managed. All in all I am satisfied with how it turned out!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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