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I finally ended my procastination and updated my blog to version 2 with a new Jekyll theme.

The previous site is meant for my microblogging, a private alternate space to Twitter.

However with the advent of Mastodon, there is no longer a need to maintain a microblogging space.

Instead, I intend to update my site to a blog with things I find interesting that are not suitable in my Wiki

Migrating Jekyll to a new theme is a breeze. Spin up a new github repository, clone repository from new theme, copy all files from _posts over and voila

Deployment to Netlify took me 5 minutes from authentication to deployment. Highly recommend Netlify for a simple blog/website. Free tier is more than sufficient for a low traffic site.

Surprisingly the hardest part is to setup a local ruby and Jekyll environment. Steps from this article helped alot in speeding up the process.

Tip: Ensure your zshrc do not have any errors during compilation. Any errors will stop evaluating the rest of zshrc which resulted in my ruby not recognised

For more information about this theme I am currently using, you may checkout their GitHub Page. There are other goodies you can implement and add by referencing their sample

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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